ICASA Mentors:

The Centre for ICASA is a member of the International Professional Surrogates Association (IPSA).

Vena Blanchard, President of IPSA writes:
‘A Surrogate Partner is a member of a three-way therapeutic team: supervising therapist, client and the surrogate partner who acts as a partner to a sexually dysfunctional client in the therapy programme and participates in experiential practices involving sensual and sexual touching as well as social and sexual skills training’.

Arrange for additional therapeutic interventions from appropriate ICASA Therapists where appropriate and required 

At The Centre for ICASA in the UK, the supervising therapist is known as an ICASA Mentor who is reponsible to the Principal of the centre. The role of an ICASA Mentor is to:

  • Guide the client through the steps of the ICASA Sexual Recovery Programme in such a way that the client feels safe and understands the principles, purpose and boundaries of each step of the programme
  • Describe the relevant intimacy experiences and the homework exercises appropriate to the client
  • Identify where the client may be experiencing difficulties in resolving issues related to the presenting complaint
  • Review the progress of each client with the supervising ICASA Therapist at regular case study meetings
  • Report the content, progress and outcome of therapy sessions effectively to the supervising ICASA Therapist
  • Provide first-line supervision for surrogate partners to process their emotional or practical needs before, during and following therapy sessions.
  • Explain clearly to the surrogate partner the relevant ICASA programme step and particular emphasis relating to the client’s personal before commencement of the physical intimacy aspect of a therapy session
  • Report the therapeutic progress of clients effectively to the supervising ICASA Therapist and/or ICASA Principal through written case notes
  • Ensure that the client and surrogate partner provides effective and adequate journals and case notes following every therapy session
  • Keep effective therapeutic records and case notes to the required standard as established by the Centre for ICASA and set down in the Induction Training Course and Mentor Agreement
  • Maintain an environmental energy within the therapeutic areas of the Centre for ICASA where healing can be received by clients and where safety can be experienced by surrogate partners before, during and following therapy sessions
  • Build and maintain healthy and harmonious relationships and communication with the ICASA administration and client care team
  • Discuss any relational or therapeutic issues within the Mentor-Surrogate Partner-Client triad that are causing, or may in the future cause, difficulties that may impact negatively upon any of the aforementioned objectives
  • Follow-up past therapy clients by telephone as per the procedure established and set down and explained in the Induction Training Course
  • Communicate with the media and external therapeutic community where required

Mentor Applicants:

  • Preferred age group 45-65 
  • Appropriate life experience 
  • Stable and fulfilling relationship history 
  • Emotionally and intellectually mature 
  • Sensitive and caring nature 
  • Reliability and self discipline 
  • Universal spiritual awareness and engagement in spiritual practice 
  • Ability to communicate clearly in verbal and written expression 
  • Skilled, or suited to, active listening 
  • Comfortable with own sexuality 
  • Non-judgemental attitude regarding sexual lifestyles; 
  • Tolerant and inclusive towards other cultures, religions, world-views and sexuality 
  • Therapeutic and / or counselling experience and /or relevant formal qualifications helpful but not essential

Telephone ICASA in confidence on

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